Mid Hudson Valley Table Tennis Club (MHVTTC)
Our next scheduled meeting is March 18th, from 6:30 - 10:30.

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Need proof that table tennis can help keep you young? Or maybe table tennis makes you old? Regardless, it's tough to be unimpressed or uninspired watching a former 1940's mixed Doubles World Champion still handle the ball with grace at age 86.
'If you don't know the difference between table tennis and ping pong, you've been playing ping pong.'
The undeniable skills of the up and coming Xu Xin are obvious as he takes on  the most dominant player of the last decade, Wang Liquin. This looks to be the next generation of amazing Chinese players. If you need instant gratification, fast forward to the point starting at around 5:40. You won't be disappointed.
Xu Xin continues to eat through the top world players.