Mid Hudson Valley Table Tennis Club (MHVTTC)
We will be meeting this Thursday, December 3rd at our new location (YMCA) between 6:30-10:30.

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I really hope you'll come out and join us as we christen the Y.

First and foremost I'd like to personally extend a big thank you to Gary Jacobson, Chuck Massa, and Curran Moschen. Both Gary and Chuck were kind enough to offer their trailers to transport the tables, and all three generously donated their time and muscle for what is never a fun chore. No major mishaps, and the move is now complete.

Video of the week!!! Below is a video featuring two of the top defenders in the world. Some stupendous points. You may have to click on the video itself to bring you to the youtube site, but this match is worth the effort. Enjoy.
'If you don't know the difference between table tennis and ping pong, you've been playing ping pong.'