Mid Hudson Valley Table Tennis Club (MHVTTC)

'If you don't know the difference between table tennis and ping pong, you've been playing ping pong.'
Registration, fees, and other requirements:

Fees: Non members of the Y will pay a $10.00 program fee per session, plus a $5 surcharge ($15 total) while Y members will pay a $5.00 program fee per session, plus a $5 surcharge ($10 total). These program fees may be paid online in advance when registering for a session, or at the front desk when you arrive (registering in advance will save you a bit of time). The additional $5 surcharge will be collected in person down in our playing area to help our club cover basic expenses, so be sure to have a small bit of cash on hand when you arrive. This surcharge applies to all players regardless their membership type.

Registering to play on any given week is a simple process required by both Y members as well as non members. These steps should be done in advance of your arrival.

    1 - Create and log into your YMCA account. If you are currently a member of the Y you should already have an account, and can skip this step. If you are not a member of the Y and only wish to join our table tennis program, you need to sign up for a non member account. Follow this link to do so.

If you have a non member account, and at any time while filling out the online registration forms you are asked for your membership number, just enter 0 (as in zero). You will only need to establish an account one time. For future visits just log in to your account and complete the following steps.

    2 - Register and pay for the table tennis program. This can be done at any time prior to arrival. Click the link below.

You should now be presented with all the available YMCA programs. Select Mid Hudson Valley Table Tennis Club. Alternatively here is a quick link which will bring you right to our club program. 

To the right of our listed program you should find a blue 'Register' button. Clicking that should bring up a list of all future scheduled dates for our club. Click only the weeks you wish to register for, and then follow the instructions to pay for and complete your order. That's it as far as registration. You're done!